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Door Policy

* Please note our bar and restaurant occasionally hosts private events, which may close the space to the public.
* Smoking is not permitted in the bar or restaurant.
* Outside beverages, food (including cakes or cupcakes), or other items are not permitted in the venue. Please contact us if you have special needs.

Dress Code

We kindly request that our guests adhere to our venue's dress code, which is elegant-casual. Let the weather guide your attire. The following clothing items are not allowed on Friday and Saturday nights:

* Beachwear (including flip-flops)
* Baseball caps
* Exceedingly torn clothing
* Athletic wear, tank tops, and t-shirts with logos and/or wording

Admittance to Sign of the Whale is at the discretion of the management.

Feel free to contact us at 202-964-6200 for more information.

Age Verification and Drinking Policy

This policy applies to all staff members, patrons, and any individuals on the premises. We reserve the Reserve the Right to Refuse Service. Our establishment is committed to providing a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable experience for all patrons. In order to uphold these standards and comply with legal requirements, we reserve the right to refuse service or entry to any individual at any time for reasons including, but not limited to:

Intoxication or Substance Abuse: Individuals displaying signs of intoxication or under the influence of drugs will not be permitted entry or served further alcohol to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Underage: Individuals under the legal drinking age, or those unable to provide valid, government-issued photo ID proving their age, will not be served alcohol and may be denied entry.

Behavior: Aggressive, disruptive, or disrespectful behavior towards other patrons or staff will not be tolerated. This includes harassment, violence, threats, or any actions that compromise the safety or well-being of others.

Dress Code Violations: Failure to adhere to the establishment’s dress code policy may result in refusal of entry or service.

Capacity Limits: To comply with fire safety regulations and ensure a comfortable environment for all patrons, entry may be refused if the establishment has reached its maximum capacity.

Non-compliance with Establishment Policies: Failure to follow any of our establishment’s policies, including health and safety regulations, age verification, and any government-imposed mandates (e.g., face masks or social distancing requirements).

1. Age Verification:

•    Under 18 Admission: Individuals under 18 are not permitted entry into our venue anytime except when accompanied by parents/elders during regular hours are allowed. Our establishment operates as a strictly 18+ venue to comply with legal requirements concerning alcohol consumption.

•    18+ Verification: Upon entry, all patrons must present a valid, government-issued photo ID. Acceptable forms of ID include:

•    Driver’s License

•    Passport

•    State-issued ID card.

Note: The ID must be valid (not expired) and clearly show the holder's date of birth.

2. Band and Stamp Requirement:

•    Upon Entry: All verified 18+ patrons will receive a non-removable wristband and a hand stamp.

•    Wristband: Indicates that the individual has been age-verified and is allowed to purchase and consume alcohol.

•    Hand Stamp: Serves as a secondary visual cue for staff to identify of-age individuals quickly. The stamp is only valid for the date it is issued.

Important: The wristband and stamp must always be visible. Tampering with, transferring, or attempting to forge wristbands and stamps will result in immediate expulsion and a potential ban from the establishment.

3. Enforcement:

•    Zero Tolerance Policy: Our sports bar & restaurant operates a strict zero-tolerance policy on underage drinking. Any individual found consuming alcohol under the age of 21, attempting to use a fake ID, or helping someone underage to access alcohol will be immediately removed from the premises and may face legal action.

•    Staff Training: All staff are trained to:

•    Properly check IDs and recognize valid governmental documents.

•    Monitor patrons for a wristband and stamp compliance.

•    Identify and address any attempts at underage drinking.

•    Surveillance and Monitoring: The establishment is equipped with surveillance cameras to assist in monitoring compliance with the age verification policy. Spot checks will also be conducted throughout the night.

4. Communication:

•    Signage: Clear signage will be displayed at the entrance and throughout the bar, outlining the age policy and the consequences of non-compliance.

•    Online and Marketing Materials: Our age policy will be clearly stated on our website, social media platforms, and any promotional materials to inform patrons before their visit.

5. Policy Review and Updates:

•    This policy is subject to periodic review and may be updated in accordance with legal requirements and best practices. Feedback from staff and patrons will be considered to enhance the effectiveness of our age verification and underage drinking prevention measures.

Compliance: Adherence to this policy is mandatory for all patrons and staff. Our commitment to a safe and lawful environment is paramount. Any queries or concerns should be directed to the management team at

 This comprehensive policy ensures that the bar is proactive in preventing underage drinking while providing a clear framework for staff and patrons to follow, thus ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.